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Getting started


Arrow Trader CORE Installation

After completing the installation, a few more simple steps are required to integrate ATC into your website.

step 1/3: Tracking incoming traffic

To track incoming traffic on your website, include the following code on all pages that receive traffic

on index.shtml pages use the following code
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/atc/in.cgi?" -->

on index.php pages use the following code
<?php virtual ("/cgi-bin/atc/in.cgi?"); ?>

replace with the actual domain of your website
More information on how to control traffic can be found under References - tracking incoming traffic

step 2/3: Controlling outgoing traffic

To track outgoing traffic, all clickable links on your website need to be altered,
so they will pass through the file cgi-bin/atc/out.cgi first

A regular link may look like this
<a href="">videos</a>

To send the surfer through ATC, modify the link so it looks like this
<a href="/cgi-bin/atc/out.cgi?s=60&l=vid&c=1&u=">videos</a>

The following flags can be set for out.cgi

s=60 The surfer has a chance of 60% to be redirected to the gallery, 40% to see a trade optional
c=0 sends the click always to a gallery optional
c=3 sends the first 3 click to a gallery optional
l=topgallery set the linktag to topgallery optional
gr=videos load trades from the group videos optional
id=15 credit trade id 15 with +1 out (toplist only!) optional
u= sets the gallery/toplist url mandatory

&u= must always be at the end of your link to out.cgi
Everything behind &u= is considered to be the gallery url.
More information on how to count traffic can be found under References - tracking outgoing traffic

step 3/3: Adding trades

Your site is now ready to receive and distribute traffic.
The next logical step is to find and add 10-20 initial trades.
The easiest way to find new trades is to browse sites that target
the same audience as your site does, write down the domains,
and see if those websites have a toplist, featuring more similar sites.
Contact the webmaster of the websites that you wish to exchange traffic with.
Usually there's a link at the bottom of the page that says "contact" or "webmasters" or "trade"

In your ATC installation, the settings assigned to new trades are based on the profile called newtrade
To check the settings of this profile, go to menu - trades - accounts
Scroll down to current accounts and click the edit link behind newtrade.
These settings are automatically filled in everytime a new trade is added via the public signup form,
and when you add a trade via the admin. You may wish to change the trade type and the toplist settings for new trades.

Once you have reviewed the settings, go to menu - stats - main overview
Locate the button add trade in the top left. Click it to open a pop-up window.
To add a trade, fill out at least the following settings
url: The url of the website you're going to send traffic to
in toplist: The trade will appear in the toplists on your site
trade type: Set this to full, at this point there's no reason to cap a trade
single force: Depending on your traffic levels, fill out something like 20 till 100 to start the trade
Click the submit button and the trade is added right away.
Don't forget to signup your own website with your new trade partner

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