Aug 2015 news flash

We're happy to announce that ATX and ATXv2 are now freely available, ensuring that our software will outlive it's creators. For instructions, please read this news bulletin

AT Core and ATX v2 will shortly be packaged for the latest OS's (ubuntu 14, debian 9, etc), and we're looking to make arrow trader 5 available for free as well.

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Arrow Trader Core

Arrow Trader Core set a new standard for free trade programs with it's brand new technologies and powerful engine. The simple installation, high-speed traffic handling, the triple-A Rated trade core engine and the advanced per-hit analysis module make ATC the best free traffic trade script for all webmasters for 2012

ATC was released in nov 2009, as a spin-off of our best selling commercial solution, ATX v2
The follow-up to ATC v2 is Arrow Trader 5, set to be released in Q4 2012

Arrow Trader eXtreme V2

ATX v2 picked up where ATX v1 left off, making a great traffic trade script even better.
The new version introduces a lot of new concepts and features, like conditional skimming, force equalizing, SE keyword tracking, direct toplist preview, htaccess controllers, traffic broker campaigns, click paths, outlist modifiers, even more in-depth statistics, and a lot more.
ATX v2 is our flagship product and the #1 choice of webmasters worldwide who are looking for a professional & high performance traffic trade solution.

ATX v2 was first released in Feb 2009 and has received many large updates over the years.

The following products have reached their end-of-life status, they no longer meet our minimum quality standards.
For every retired product, a vastly superior alternative program has been released.
Support is still available for these programs, but we strongly recommend upgrading.

Users of Arrow Trader Lite can upgrade for free to Arrow Trader Core
Users of Arrow Trader eXtreme V1 can upgrade for free to Arrow Trader eXtreme V2
ArrowTrader eXtreme V1


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Arrow Scripts,

founded in 2003, specializes in writing highly efficient and effective traffic trade scripts, focussing especially on high performance, intelligent feature sets and easy-to-use interfaces. We offer both free and commercial traffic exchange software, and have been the #1 choice of professional traders for over 9 years. Arrow Trader programs are the most widely used traffic traders in the world.