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Getting started


Arrow Trader V - Installation

Arrow Trader 5 is very easy to install, all that is required is a web browser.
After completing this guide, your site will be using AT5 to track and control all visitor activity.

step 1/4: server selection

Open the following page -
Select a location that is geographically closest to your surfers

step 2/4: domain registration

On the Arrow Trader 5 server of your choice, click the link Register new domain and fill out the form

step 3/4: tracking visitors

After registering your domain, you will be presented with a couple of links and codes.

The first textarea holds you personalized javascript code to track incoming visitors,
which looks something like this

<script>var __AT5ID = '123abc456def789ghi';var __AT5params = '';</script>
<script src=""></script>

* Copy this code between the <head> </head> tags of the homepage of your website.
* copy the code from the registration page, the code above doesn't include your personal tracking code!

step 4/4: tracking & controlling clicks

The second textarea shows an example links to track and control clicks made by visitors

<a href=''>content page</a>

Arrow Trader 5 can track all clicks on links, and distribute those clicks to content pages and to the websites of traffic trade partners. To do so, the format of your links need to be slightly adjusted.

A regular link on your website may currently look like this

<a href=''>google</a>

To integrate AT5 within your links, modify the code so it looks like this

* <a href="'">google</a>

make sure that you use the correct url and installation ID; you can find the correct code in your email inbox.

The following flags can be set for out.cgi
a=123abc456def789gh This identifies your installation to the ArrowTrader servers. Fill out your personal id code, which is available in your email inbox. required
s=60 Set the skim percentage: the surfer has a chance of 60% to be redirected to the gallery, 40% to see a trade optional, recommended
c=0 sends the click always to a gallery optional
c=3 sends the first 3 click to a gallery optional
l=topgallery set the linktag to topgallery optional
gr=videos load trades from the group videos optional
id=15 credit trade id 15 with +1 out (toplist only!) optional, only for toplists
u= sets the content/toplist page url required

&u= must always be at the end of your link to out.cgi
Everything behind &u= is considered to be the content page url.

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