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Getting started


Arrow Trader eXtreme V1 Installation

Arrow Trader eXtreme can be configured in many ways. Most settings can be left to their default values.
In this article, the most common settings are introduced and explained.
In your ATX admin area, go to menu --> extra --> settings

Username + Password

Change the login code as soon as possible. A strong password is 10 characters or longer, and contains a variety of upper and lower case letters and numbers.

ATX access IP masks

To further secure your installation, fill out your IP in this field, to restrict access to just your ip. It's also possible to fill out a mask, like 82.167.32
This way all IPs that begin with 82.167.32 are allowed to login. Should your IP ever change and you've locked yourself out, can you add a new IP to the list via ftp. Edit the file cgi-bin/atx/d/uip. Add your new IP on a new line, or remove all contents from the file to allow all IPs.

# max amount of clicks

recommended setting: 20
A surfer can click a hundred times of your site, but only the first couple of
clicks are counted as effective clicks and are actually used to
calculate the value of the trade when the ATX trade engine decides which trade gets how many hits.
A setting of 10 - 20 is recommended.

watchlist range

recommended setting for small sites: 5
recommended setting for small sites: 50
Via this range, you can set how many hits a trade must have sent you in the past 24 hours to become active

As your site grows larger, you will find that the minimum trade size also grows
When you're oversending your smallest trades, increase the minimum trade size
When your largest trade is 20.000 hits out daily, a trade with 5 hits per day
doesn't fit that well in your database anymore.

ATX does not send traffic to trades who have sent you 0 hits.
Those trades are considered to be inactive, and are moved into a watchlist.
Any trade that is in the watchlist does not receive traffic, although it can still be listed in your toplist.
There are several ways to activate a trade and move it out of the watchlist.
The easiest way is to set a single force. Assign a single force of 50 hits, that's plenty to start the trade.
Another way is to set a temporary hourly force, say 5 hits per hour for 24 hours.
The 3rd method is simply by asking the trade to send some hits your way.
If your watchlist is set to 0 - 10, your trade should send 11 hits to become active

No Cookie Traffic Handling

recommended setting: Send to Gallery
When a surfer clicks on a link on your website which goes through out.cgi
ATX checks to see if that surfer has also loaded in.cgi, and accepted the cookie
Surfers without a cookie are usually bots / spiders / programs instead of real surfers
They don't generate any sales and your trades won't be able to track their clicks
It is recommended to send nocookie traffic to galleries.
This way you have a chance to convert a surfer into a bookmarker who might come back later on with cookies enabled.
Sending nocookie traffic to trades will hurt your outgoing productivity.

No Referrer Traffic Handling

recommended setting: leave field empty
recommended setting for unique & exceptional sites: 10-20% higher than your regular skim
This option sets the chance that traffic without a referrer will be redirected to a gallery page instead of to a trade.
Around 75% - 80% of noref traffic are bookmarkers. The other 20% - 25% comes from surfers who have the referrer field blocked (some firewalls do this), or from spiders / bots / etc that don't carry this information at all.
There are at least 3 theories of what to do with this skim percentage
1) set it low: give your bookmarkers lots of trades because their productivity is high and so they will help you grow. This is a bad idea because there's a high risk of losing the bookmarker.
2) leave it empty: this way your site stays the same for the surfer, and like he bookmarked it is how he gets it. This will provide you with a fair amount of productive outgoing traffic generated by bookmarkers.
3) set it high: give your bookmarkers lots of galleries. Your trades won't benefit a lot from your bookmarkers, but at least you can be sure that they will keep the bookmark.

Blocked Referrer Traffic Handling

recommended setting: Send to Gallery
When a surfer clicks on a link which goes through out.cgi,
your own website should be the referring domain. If the browser of the surfer doesn't
report any referring site, its pointless to send this surfer to a trade;
the trade won't know that the surfer came from you.
It is best to send these surfers to galleries, in an attempt to generate a sale

No Trade Traffic Handling

recommended setting: leave field empty
Surfers will come from many many different places to visit your site.
Your trades will provide the majority of your traffic, but search engines
and other indexing-type of sites will also send traffic your way.
Those domains - which aren't in your trades list - generated so called "no trade traffic".
Most Search Engine traffic also falls in this category.

Extra out Traffic Handling

recommended setting: Trades first, then gallery
Once a surfer has seen all your trades, there are two options
Send him to galleries, or send him to a specific (exout) url.
Most surfers that do hit your exout url, are bots.
Don't be too eager to send exout traffic to trades for this reason.

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