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Getting started


  1. The 'Select All' buton selects all the trades for mass-editing
  2. The 'Add Trade' button pops up a small window in which you can add new trades.
    The window will refresh itself to a blank form so you can keep adding trades.
  3. Stats in the last 60 minutes section are based on a true minute-timeline.
    In other words, the stats don't reset to 0 every hour.
  4. Stats in the last 24 hours section are also based on a true minute-timeline.
    So you're actually seeing the stats of the last 1440 minutes (24 * 60).
  5. Titles with a line under them are clickable. When you click on such a title
    the trades will be ordered on this value.
    For explanation about what all the different fields means, please visit the
    Menu --> G.U.I --> add / edit template section.
  6. Trades below the Watch List are in the watchlist and will not receive traffic back anymore.
    By clicking on show / hide you can show / hide the trades in the watchlist.
  7. Trades can be given different background color so it's easier to see them.
    You can also give a trade a different background color by double clicking on it.
    Single click to remove the color again.
  8. By clicking on the Trade ID of a trade the stats of this trade are copied into your clipboard
  9. blocked Hits that you see here are blocked. ATX has several filters in the files
    in.cgi and out.cgi that detect some hitbots, sitesuckers, fake browsers... and blocks them.
    gallery Hits sent to galleries. To calculate the average skim % of your site:
    gallery out / total hits out * 100%
    nocookie If you specified a url for nocookie traffic, you can see the amount that
    has been sent there here. If you set nocookie traffic to be send to galleries, the clicks
    will be added to the gallery row
    noref Noref hits are surfers that didn't have a value in their referrer field.
    This happens when a surfer typed-in your domain, used a shortcut / bookmark, or has a
    browser that doesn't support the referrer value. In most cases it are bookmarkers though.
    notrade Notrade hits do have a referrer, but the referring domain isn't a trade.
    For example, if other people post galleries on their domains with your recip link,
    hits coming from those sites will be counted as notrade. (unless you add those domains as
    a trade of course).
    exout hits sent to exout have seen all your trades. Ideally, this number stays at 0.
    Search Engines The Search Engines row shows that stats of all the search engines that
    are in your SE list. (Trades --> Search Engines). This way you can track all SE traffic without
    adding all SE's as individual domains. ATX comes with a list of about 150 SE's.
    I.S.F will be released in ATX 1.1. Until then, what it does remains a big secret.
    It's going to be awesome though :)
  10. If you're running multiple copies of ATX you can exchange all sorts of data, like trades.
    Your sites will appear in the export trades list, so you can export the trades you selected.
  11. The reset and delete button are for mass-operations. All selected trades will be either reset
    or deleted.
  12. Mass Edit Via the mass-edit table you can quickly edit several trades at once.
    Select the trades you wish to edit, and fill out the fields you wish to edit.
    If you leave a field empty, this value will not be edited.
    There are 2 exceptions to this!
    1) If you wish to delete the background color or the skim %, leaving the field empty
    obviously won't help, since an empty field is skipped.
    That's why to clear the background-color or to clear the skim %, you simply put a line
    "-" (without the quotes) in the field.
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