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Getting started


In ATX 1.1 it was already possible to link local copies of ATX together for easy admin jumping and stats monitoring.
In preparation of the (many) new network functions that atx 1.3 will introduce, atx 1.2 supports remote linking so you can bind all atx copies together.

Linking remote copies together is a simple process: filling out the urls, distributing the security keys, and adding the IPs to the whitelist.
To get started, login to one of your atx admins and go to Menu -> Statistics -> atx sites.

1) Add Remote ATX installation
In this table you need to fill out the info of the site you want to connect to. Make sure you follow the exact syntax, the url should end with a /.

img: example of how to populate the table

Once you've added the site, it will show up in a new table where you can edit and delete the entries

img: list of all current remote installations

2) Security Keys
At this point ATX knows where to load the stats from every minute.
Now we need to give it access to the other server.
This is done via a password, and on a IP basis.

By default the security keys fields are empty on all copies. Set 2 unique strings - without spaces!

3) Server + Webmaster IP list
There's just one thing missing now, and that's giving your server access to the remote installation.
First go to menu Menu --> Statistics --> main overview. Scroll down to the bottom, and you'll see an image like this

The entry is there but it shows # trades = -11. That indicates ATX can't load the stats yet from the remote site,
and that makes sense. After all, we haven't shared the keys over all copies yet, and the IP access is also still missing.
Load the ATX admin on your remote domain, in this case on, and go to Menu --> Logs --> Security Logs.
You will see that ATX has received several stats requests but has denied them.

img: atx is blocking the remote requests for the stats

Write the 2 IPs down that you see there: one is you, and one is your other server. Now go to Menu -> Statistics -> atx sites, and in the Server + Webmaster IP list, fill out the IPs you just wrote down, one per line

img: remote access is allowed from the IPs listed here

The final step is filling out the same security keys in this remote copy.
That's it!

Go back to your original ATX installation and in the main overview you'll see the stats of the remote ATX copy. And since we added our IP to the IP list, you can also click on the title of the remote installation, and ATX will immediately log you in to the remote copy.

Of course you also want to be able to go from the remote copy to your first installation. Just go to the 'atx sites' page again, fill out the url, and on your first installation, add your ip and the server IP of your remote server, and you're set.
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