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Getting started


toplist guide

Creating a toplist in 5 steps
1) In the menu click on 'Toplists'. From this page you can create / edit and delete toplists.
First we're going to create a new toplist entry as shown in image 1.

img 1: create a new toplist entry

2) By default AT shows the paths to your http root in both the source and target fields. We'lll need to complete these paths so they point to a source file and target file. The source file contains the toplist template, which instructs AT how generate the output, which is written to the target file. In this example, I've called the source / template file toplist.template, and the target / output file toplist.html. Fill out the names and click on the 'add toplist' button.

img 2: complete the paths

3) Right now we have an empty toplist entry. We'll need to add a template to the template file, so AT knows how to create your toplist. Click on the 'edit' link that's in front of your newly created toplist entry. It's underlined with blue in image 3.

img 3: click to edit the template of this toplist entry

4) By clicking the edit link, AT opens the template file in a simple text editor. By default a toplist template is empty. You can copy & paste the following template code into the text editor. Click the 'update' button to store the template code to the template file.
! this toplist template links to /cgi-bin/atx/. You may need to change the path !

code 1: toplist template example

img 4: the new toplist template loaded in the editor

5) That's it!
AT will now parse the toplist every minute, and write it to the target file.
To include this toplist in your site, place the following code in your site where you want the toplist to appear

code 2: SSI include function for the toplist file


1) Your website displays this error:

This means apache was unable to include the toplist file in your site.

There are 2 possible causes for this
1) there was a problem while generating the toplist, so the target file was never created, and thus Apache can't include it.
>>> Make sure that the output file exists.
2) the path in your #include line is incorrect. Double check the #include function and make sure the path is correct.

2) The toplist file isn't generated

There are several possible causes for this.

1) You don't have any trades in the database.
>>> Add some trades

2) None of your trades are enabled for the toplist.
>>> go to the main overview, load the Edit screen for a trade and make sure it's enabled for the toplist

3) AT was unable to read the source / template file or write to the target / output file.
>>> First verify that this is the problem. In the menu click on Logs --> Toplist logs or Logs --> Cron logs. If there is a problem with the files, it should be reported here. Most common is a permission error for the output file, caused by limited permission settings for the directy the target file is to be written to.
An easy work around is to create a subdir in your http root, say /at/, chmod this dir to 777, and adjust the path to the target file in AT, so the target file is written to the /at/ subdir.
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