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Getting started


atl reference
extra settings

in the url to http /img/ dir type the url to the directory where you uploaded the .gif files to.
You can download the .gif files on this page:
in the utl to cgi-bin/at/ dir type the url to your installation of ATL 3

This is the username + password combo that is used to login.

Whenever a surfer clicks more than the Max amount of clicks, the clicks will still be counted,
but a trade will not receive extra credit for it. This way when a surfer clicks 100 times,
only 10 clicks are actually used to calculate the real value of the trade, and ATL will send according to that number.
This is a good way to render the more basic hitbots useless.

Trades that are passive do not receive any traffic. By setting a range of 0 - 50, you can basically
set a minimum size for trades. Any trade that is smaller than 50 hits will not receive hits back.
There is one exceptions to this:
- Trades with a hourly force and a force time of more than 0 hours (a temporal force) do receive traffic.
- Trades with a permanent force (force time of -1) do not receive traffic when they are in the passive trades list.
The idea behind this is that you can give all your trades a force,
but that you won't waste hits when a trade stops returning hits.

There are only 2 ways a trade can become passive:
1) the trade type is set to 'disabled'
2) the amount of hits a trade has sent you in the past 24 hours is within the passive trades range.

Surfers that don't support cookies shouldn't be send to trades, because even though your trades will be able to see where the hit came from (you), any clicks generated by this surfer will not be counted as coming from you. As a result, your trade prod on your trades looks much lower than it is. A better idea is to send nocookie surfers to galleries so there's a good chance that a surfer will bookmark your site, and comes back later with cookies enabled.

You can give noref traffic (bookmarkers for example) a different skim % than what the URL defines.

When a surfer clicks a link that goes to atl/out.cgi, normally your own domain is set as the referring domain.
If the http_referer field however is empty, ATL cannot tell where the hit came from, and worse,
when this surfer would be redirected to a trade, your trade would not be able to tell it came from you.
So with ATL you can either send these hits to trades like the rest of your traffic (not advised!), send them to galleries, or to a specific URL.

You can give notrade traffic (hits coming from a domain that is not listed as a trade) a different skim % than what the URL sets/

Once a surfer has visited all your active trades, but clicks a link that normally would send him to another trade,
the exout module is loaded. You can select to send this surfer from that point on to a specific url, or to galleries.

ATL 3 is very sensitive about instable crontabs; when one run is missed (because the server was rebooting for example), the database gets slightly corrupted because one minute was not reset to 0. Starting from build 06, ATL detects when the crontab did not run as it should and auto-repairs the dbase it that case. However, you can also manually schedule this. This module also removes old log files and other files that were not properly deleted.

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