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Getting started


Statistics 1: submenu

The statistics page is your main working area. This page displays all traffic, trades and statistics. The statistics module supports a large amount of customizations via the submenus.


The statistics page can currently display 5 tables (rows) with different statistics
The charts table can display 10 different pie charts,
each visually presenting different numbers and characteristics of your traffic.

The trades table displays all your traffic exchange trades,
and several AT5 system 'trades'; specific entries to track certain types of traffic.

The site totals table presents a very global overview of the statistics of a single specific website.

The network totals table presents a global overview of the statistics of all your sites,
if they have been linked together in your AT5 control panel.

The history graph displays a page wide graph of historical traffic levels

When you're just getting started, we suggest enabling at least the trades and charts modules.


The charts form configures which pie charts are displayed in the charts table.
The charts are available for both the time period of the past 60 minutes, and for the past 24 hours.
We recommend enabling at least the following charts
Incoming traffic per Source
Outgoing traffic per Target
Clicks per Type
These charts will assist you in quickly understanding what your main traffic sources are, and where it's being forwarded to.

The columns form affects the visual presentation of the trades table.
Via this extensive form, everything can be changed;

The checkbox shows and hides many different columns in the trades table. Try to keep the amount of enabled columns below 20
Otherwise the amount of data may become overwhelming.

The column name right after the checkbox shows a short description of that column when the mouse cursor is hold over the title.

The column title input field is displayed in the title row and can be customized

The g icon - when enabled - instructs AT5 to show the growth or decline of this specific statistics relative to yesterdays statistics.
The n icon - when enabled - instructs AT5 to show the network average of this specific statistics.
This is especially useful for productivity type of statistics.

The viusual style select lists allow you to set a background color, text color, text size and text style for each individual cell.

Every row can be dragged to a different position. This will change the order in which columns are displayed in the trades table.

To highlight certain trades, conditional styles can be applied to statistic cells.
For example, you may wish to make cells red and bold when the productivity drops below a certain percentage.

Statistics 2: review list

If new trades are configured to be reviewed first, a review table will show up when new trades are available
Via the checkboxes new trades can be approved or rejected
Every row can be dragged to a different position. This will change the order in which columns are displayed in the trades table.

Statistics 3: mass trade control

By selecting the checkboxes in front of multiple trades, you can quickly reset / edit / delete those trades through a single action.
First make a selection by clicking on the checkboxes, or click on the select all checkbox icon to select all trades in a certain table.
Then click the Mass control option list and select an action
The mass reset and mass delete options are instant, the mass edit function takes you to another page

The Selected Trades list displays a list of all your trades. The trades with a checked checkbox will be modified.
The New Settings table displays the changes that will be made to the selected trades

Statistics 4: trade tools

The tools column displays 2 icons
the statistics icon presents a list of links to detailed statistics of this specific trade

Traffic Flow Display the most frequent paths that surfers take
ie; how did they arrive on your site, and where did they go to
Traffic Graphs Display several graphs, visualling traffic per hour, per country, per browser, per platform and per device
Traffic Logs Display the grouped IP logs with additional statistics
Traffic Ins Display the most recent 250 visitors of your site. Each visit is listed with detailed statistics, giving great insight in how AT5 calculates the value of those visitors.
Traffic Outs Display the most recent 250 clicks. Every click is displayed with detailed statistics
Heat Map Display a heatmap overlay over your site. This allows you to quickly see which areas of your website receive the most focus, and which the least. In order to use the heatmap functionality, you must include the Arrow Trader 5 coordination tracking code
Historical stats Display the historical performance of a trade in several graphs. The history module also allows multiple trades to be loaded in a single graph
ArrowTrades stats Display the average statistics of this trade on all other sites - if this site is available in the database.
This module will assist you in finding out if a trade is overall bad, or simply isn't compatible with your site.
Grab Images Spider the trade and extract the latest images from it for your toplists. This feature requires at least 1 image spider to be setup in the toplist module

Edit Load the edit single trade form
Reset Reset the statistics of this trade; sets the data from the last 60 minute and the last 24 hours to 0. Historical data remains
Delete Delete this trade and move the statistics to the new ref system trade
Delete from network Delete this trade from all AT5 installations listed in the network module

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