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Getting started



The Arrow Trader 5 toplist system can dynamically generate html lists of your top trades
The toplist module is incredibly advanced, supporting countless amount of statistics, sorting orders, templates and image content from trades.

To create a new toplist, click on New toplist
The first new toplist will be titled toplist 1

deletes the toplist entry
preview renders a preview of the toplist, and displays any errors can can occur
edit loads the template (blueprint) of the toplist in a text editor

The toplist title has no effect on anything, other than to identify a toplist for you.
The template size displays the size of the template.
The output file is the path where the toplist is written to. If AT5 is running in cloud mode, this path has no further meaning
The toplist size if the size of the parsed template file
The sort by list sets the order by which all trades in the toplist are sorted
The checksum forces a checksum to match that in the AT5 database. By enabling this, you make sure that the toplist template can only be modified via the AT5 admin, and not via FTP. Enable this for additional security.

Image Crawlers

Arrow Trader 5 can visit the websites of your trade partners, and extract image objects.
These images can be filtered, resized and then be displayed on your own website.
This way surfers on your site can be given a visual preview of your trade partners.

To create a new image crawler, click on new crawler
Every image crawler will download 1 image, and assign a identifying toplist symbol to the image.
delete an image crawler
status enable and disable an image crawler
image position set the image crawler to download this image from the site. Try to set this nr between 1-10, as those images are usually directly visible on your trade partners site without scrolling.
width in pixels set the width to which all images will be resized
height in pixels set the height to which all images will be resized
compression set the compression / quality level. Higher compression results in smaller file sizes, but below 80% compression distortion and artifcats becomes visible
file prefix set a prefix that will be added to every file. For example, you may wish to add informative data, like the file size, or media type. Like HD_ or 720p_ or archive_ or top10_
toplist attribute set the toplist identifying attribute that this image will be assigned to. Via this toplist symbol, the image can be displayed in the toplist

Toplist attributes

Trades have several attributes that can be displayed in the toplist, such as a domain, title, description, image, etc.
Each attribute has a 3 character symbol that refers to that attribute, which can be used in the toplis template.
The 3 default symbols are
tit - the title of the trade. Prints the Toplist Title value
img - the image of the trade. Prints the Toplist Image value
des - the description of the trade. Prints the Toplist Description value

To create additional symbols, use the form titled create new trade attribute for toplist

Push System

When Arrow Trader 5 is running in cloud mode, the generated toplist files need to be pushed from the arrowscripts' servers to your server.
To securely to do, you'll need to configure the push system
push to url - set the url where AT5 files will be pushed (send) to. This url needs to point to the special AT5 file receiver, which can be found at the bottom of this page
verification key - set the verification key. This key should be kept secret, because the AT5 file receiver will only receive files when the correct key is received

AT5 File Receiver

The AT5 file receiver will receive and extract files from the AT5 cloud servers
The File Receiver can be downloaded from the following address
Download the zip file, and extract the at5recv.php file from it
Open at5recv.php in a text editor, and edit line 3
$key = "012345789";
Change the number 0123456789 to your own private key.
Fill out this key in the secret verification key field in your AT5 control panel as well!

Make sure that your webserver has write access to the directory where the AT5 file receiver is located

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