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Getting started


stats - ratings

One of the strongest features of ATC is its individual hit quality rating module.
As you probably know, traditional trade programs exchange traffic basic on how many
hits and clicks a trade has produced, relative to the amount of hits it has received.
The incredibly inefficiency of this is best explained with an example

Which of these two trades is better?

Trade A
hits in: 100
hits out: 100
clicks: 100
prod = 100, return = 100

Trade B
hits in: 100
hits out: 80
clicks: 200
prod = 200, return = 80

The correct answer is not Trade B, nor is it Trade A.
The correct answer is; it depends
If your answer was Trade B, then consider these questions

- what if all hits in from Trade B were chinese?
while the hits in from Trade A were from the US?

- what if all clicks made by trade A went to advertisements
while the clicks from trade B went to galleries?

- what if the hits from trade A were all unique,
while the hits from trade B were all raw?

- What if the clicks from trade B used invalid request methods
like HEAD, while all clicks from trade A used GET?

- what if the surfers from Trade A all had cookies,
while the surfers from trade B supported no cookies?

- What if the surfers from trade A visited your trades via toplists
while the surfers from trade B got there via blind links?

As you can see, it makes no sense to judge a trade solely by its numbers.
Thats why ATC features a detailed rating system, allowing it to
assign a real value to every single hit, based on over 35 distinctions.

The result of ranking trades this way is a large improvement
in traffic quality, which eventually will result in a much more
ongoing stable growth and better conversion rates.

Ratings are split up in 2 tables; incoming traffic and outgoing traffic
The base value of a hit and click is 1
You can modify the value of a hit by changing the listed modifiers.
For example
+ 0.8 premium country
Scroll down on the page to see which countries are listed as premium, regular, unwanted
If your site receives a hit which comes from a surfer in a premium country,
the value of that hit is 1 (base value) + 0.8
If the modifer was - 1.2, then the value of the hit would be 1 - 1.2 = -0.2
A really bad hit can indeed turn the value negative.
If you want to void a hit alltogether, you can select the red X from the dropdown menu
A voided hit has a value of 0, no matter what.

1. Incoming traffic
Assinging a value to the country of the surfer has overall the biggest impact,
because this variable is always present. By default ATC has grouped several countries
into the 3 categories, but you may wish to review and change these settings under 3.

The user agent is also very useful. Almost all browsers identify themselves with mozilla or opera.
So these are premium user agents. Certain mobile phones and smaller browsers can use different user agents.
By not listing these, they fall under 'regular user agents'.
Then there's a long list of hit bots, spiders, site grabbers etc that should be ignored alltogether.
List those under Unwanted user agents
To find out which ones you should block, try google:

A valid request method is GET. This means the browser requests the entire page from your webserver.
Other non-valid requests (for regular surfers anyway) are HEAD (only the 'top' of your page is requested), and various others.

A unique surfer has not visited your site recently, whereas a raw surfer has seen your site within the past couple of hours.
You want as many unique (fresh) surfers as possible, to extend your exposure.

2. Outgoing traffic
The presence of a cookie is neccesary for optimal trading.
If the surfer does not support cookies, we usually don't send him to a trade,
making these surfers a lot less valuable.

Linktags can be very handy to keep track of who's clicking what, which links
are popular and which hardly get noticed. Also linktags on banners and toplists
can be especially valuable for you. Under 6. Premium linktag fill out the
linktags of links that you value very highly.

A toplist click is also usually a good thing, because the surfer is showing interest
in your trade partners. Toplist clicks often produce high outgoing productivity and make your site
grow a lot faster. So value these clicks and the trade that produces 'm.

A click to a gallery can potentially generate a sale, resulting in more income
A click to a trade can potentially generate another surfer at your site, resulting in site growth.
Its up to you to decide which you value more.

A post-trade click is a click that a surfer made on your site after we sent him to one your trades.
When a surfer clicks on your site and gets redirected to a trade, there's the chance that we've seen the last of him.
He closed your site and is now enjoying the site of your trade partner.
If he keeps clicking on your site after seeing your trade, he clearly enjoys your site a lot and will keep clicking.
These surfers are great and help grow your site. This value is also known as 'click again'.

A surfer who clicks too much is probably a bot, so you may wish to reduce the value of these clicks.

Bookmarkers are of course great. These clicks are highly valuable.

In your admin, click on navigation: Stats - last hits
Mouse-over the value column of some of the hits
(if the table is empty, load your site first)
you will see a small menu popup that shows how the value of that hit is calculated
In your admin, click on navigation: Gui - templated - edit template
Scroll down to 60 Minutes Stats - and set the following
on % Rated Value of ins
on # Rated Value of clicks
In your main overview, 2 new columns have appeared, titled value in and value clk

value in: This column displays the average hit value
So if you received 2 hits, one with a value of 2.6 and one with a value of 1.3
this column displays 2.6 + 1.3 / 2 = 1.95
The higher the average value rating, the better the quality of the traffic is
that this trade sends you
value clk: This column displays the combined hit values
So if you received 2 clicks, one with a value of 3.8 and one with a value of 1.5
this column dislpays 3.8 + 1.5 = 5.3
The higher the number, the more rating points this trade has received.

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