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Getting started


tools - toplist

The ATC toplist system is incredibly scalable.
An infinite amount of attributes can be assigned to your trades,
ever trade attribute supports multiple values, delimited with the semicolon character ;
there are nearly 70 different sorting options,
almost 50 types of trade statistics to be displayed,
and the toplist extensions support many more conditions.

To create a new toplist, you need to create a toplist template (a blueprint) first.
In the 'new toplist' form, fill out the 1. name of your toplist, and fill out the 2. full path to write the toplist to.
Optionally you may also wish to change the 3. sorting order of the trades in the toplist.
ATC will create an empty template file. Click the 4. 'edit' link to open the newly created template file.

4. edit
Click the edit link to open the template file in the ATC web-based editor.
5. delete
Delete a single toplist entry from the toplist index.
This will not delete the template or output files.
6. preview
Click the preview link to display a preview of what the toplist
will look like in a pop-up window. Since the toplist updates once per 5 minutes, this is a great tool
while editing your toplist template.

7. checksum
The checksum feature ensures the integrity of the toplist templates.
Every time the toplist template is edited via the ATC template editor,
a checksum of the template file is calculated and saved.
When the checksum is set to match, ATC makes sure that
the checksum of the template matches the stored checksum.
This way outside editing of the template can not result in website take-overs.
We strongly suggest that you set the checksum option to 'match'

add top 10 template code
ATC can auto-insert the code to create a top 10 toplist file.

8. Automatic Toplist Image Grabber
ATC can automatically grab & create small images for your trades,
based on the content on their site. This keeps your outgoing productivity high.
To configure the automatic image grabber, configure the following settings
local path to image directory: This is the path where the image grabber writes to. Make sure that ATC has write access to this directory
path to imagemagick convert: ATC uses imagemagick to modify & resize images. Fill out the path to the convert program.
To locate this program, either ask your host or type whereis convert via ssh.
imagemagick shell options: If you want you can modify the arguments ATC passes to the convert program.
url to atc/ image dir: This is the url to the directory where the images are written to. Make sure its accessible via the web
download method: ATC can download the images using sockets, wget, fetch and curl. We recommend fetch or wget.
include trades in toplist without image: When set to yes, a trade does not require that a image is present.
Set this to no if you don't want to have broken images show up in your toplist. If you're not using images at all, set this to yes.
Automatic crop images: ATC can run the image grabber automatically every couple of hours.
We recommend running it once per 6 - 12 hours to avoid unneccesary server load.

9. Edit Toplist Extensions
ATC offers a easy to use graphical user interface to set filters and conditions for your toplist.
For example, you may wish to create a toplist that only displays your biggest trades.
In that case create a condition to only include trades with at least 100 hits during the past 60 minutes.
There's also the possiblity to load trades that belong to a certain group.
Additionally you can further narrow down or extend the included domains via the
"only include the following domains:" and the "do not include the following domains:" lists.
Write down one domain per line

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