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Getting started


Arrow Trader CORE Installation

stats - main overview

The "main overview" page is your main working area.
This page displays all your trades, the statistics that you've enabled in the gui template,
and a variety of links to modify your trades and view in-depth statistics.
You'll also find a couple of shortcuts to add new trades, edit several global settings, etc.

1) The select all button selects all trades.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the "Mass Edit Trades" form to modify all selected trades

2) The add trade button opens a window with a form to add a new single trade.
The presets are configured via menu - trades - accounts - newtrade account.

3) This graph displays the amount of hits your site has received during the past 31 days

4) The settings link pops up a small window in which you can customize the main stats overview
This menu contains 3 settings:
display the titles row after every X trades
display the statistics of the past X days
ATX displays statistics of 3 time periods, 60 minutes, 24 hours, and X days.
You can set the amount of days here, and enable the columns via Gui - Templats - Edit template
Display X days stats as totals or daily average
The columns displaying statistics of the last X days can show great numbers very fast. To make comparison of the past X days against the past 24 hours more accessible, it's also possible to show the daily average of the past X days, instead of the absolute number.

5) The notepad link pops up a small notepad, in which you can write down any thoughts or ideas about your site.

6) The support link takes you directly to the arrowscripts support center

7) The logout link removes the session cookie of the ATX admin and logs you out
This is the preferred way to log out once you're done with working in the ATX admin.

8) The columns title bar displays the customizable titles of all columns.
This bar can be repeated every X trades (click on the settings link).
By clicking on a column title, all trades will be sorted on the value of this column
Every column can be assigned a custom color via Gui - Templates - Edit template
You can add and remove columns also via Gui - Templates - Edit template

9) By clicking on the Trade ID of a trade, the stats of this trade are copied into your clipboard

10) The tools column contains 2 linklists; the blue graph icon offers a variety of in-depth links.
The red wrench icon offers a reset, edit and delete option for every trade

11) Active trades: These trades are active and receive traffic.
An explanation of all columns can be found in menu - gui - template

12) Passive trades: These trades are passive and do not receive traffic.
Such trades are disabled (trade type = disabled) or have yet to send any traffic.
To move a passive trade to the active trades list, set the trade type to normal,
and either assign a temporary force / single force, or ask the trade owner to send you some traffic.

13) System trades: ATX uses several special system trades to keep track of specific types of traffic.

- blocked: ATX has several embedded filters to block fake types of traffic. When a fake bot loads out.cgi and gets blocked automatically, this shows up as outs in the blocked row

- gallery: The number of hits you've sent out to galleries

- nocookie: Via menu - atx - settings you can configure how nocookie traffic must be handled. When you select to send nocookie clicks to a certain url, the amount of nocookie clicks show up under outs

- noref: When a surfer does not have a referrer field, ATX assumes the surfer did not come from another domain, but either typed in the domain directory (or used a bookmark link) or has software installed to block the referrer field

- bookmarkers: A bookmarker is a surfer who first visited your site via another site, and later on loaded your site again without a referrer. Bookmarkers are tracked via a special cookie. A surfer can only be a bookmarker when he loads your site as 'noref'. Therefore, the bookmarkers row is a sub-part of the noref row. All clicks made by bookmarkers are counted towards the noref row.

- blocked_ref: When a surfer clicks a link on your site to out.cgi, your domain should be the referring domain. If this is not the case, the surfer has the referrer field blocked, and your trade partners will not be able to track him either. ATXx allows you to send these surfers to a different page via menu - atx - settings

- notrade: Notrade traffic are surfers who visited your site while coming from a domain that is not in your trades list. Think about smaller SEs and other websites unknown to you who are sending you traffic. Also, when you delete a trade, the statistics of the deleted trade are moved to 'notrade'.

- exout: ATX sends surfers only to trades he has not seen before. Once a surfer has visited all your trades, he will be redirected to either a gallery or to a special exout url. You can configure the exout setting via menu - atx - settings. The ideal amount of exout hits is 0. If you have a lot of exout hits, you probably need to add more trades. If you have enough trades (10-20+) and still have a lot of exout hits, run the log scanners in ATX, to find if a spider / bot is perhaps going over your website.

- searchengines: ATX combines the statistics of a long list of search engines in a single row. To edit the list of SEs go to menu - trades - SEs. The search engines trades has a special in-depth statistics page called 'keywords'. This page allows you to view the keywords people used to find your site.

- broker: The broker module allows you to send / sell a % of your traffic. Traffic campaigns can be setup via Menu - tools - broker

14) The Mass Process Trades form performs reset / edit / delete operations on all selected trades. When editing trades, only those fields that are filled out are edited. To reset fields like the skim percentage, the skim pattern and the background color, fill out the hyphen character -
This will clear the field for all trades

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